Halloween isn’t over yet: Have Facebook created a monster they can’t control?

After a whistle-blower set off a series of damming articles in the Wall Street Journal revealing Facebook Inc.’s own research into the harmful effects of its platforms, the public was left wondering what they can do to keep children and teenagers safe. Whistle-blower, Frances Haugen, told a congressional hearing that Facebook “harm children, stoke division and […]

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Does the Friends reunion mark the rise of ‘uncancelled’ culture?

Rating – ⭐ Who needs enemies when you have Friends like these? The Aniston and Schwimmer ‘real life’ love story mirroring the fictional storyline appeared a decoy for dealing with any real issues, proving unaccountability as the true hallmark of the 90s show. Goodbye, old Friends – It’s been great avenging the past and demanding accountability. A former […]


Pandemic passions: making time out count

A brand new 2020 diary, scrumptiously leather-bound with gorgeous thick paper waiting for my scrawling hand. Fast forward to March 2021 and this diary is practically empty. My concept of time has been completely rehashed, all tasks rotating around the small circle of kitchen-desk-bathroom. My social calendar is blank and my scheduled hours at University […]

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Dubious days in Dubai: holding influencers accountable

You don’t have to be a social media junkie to know that influencers are facing a healthy dose of backlash after parading photos of their sun-kissed selves on one of Dubai’s most famous beaches. While the rest of the UK are stuck at home (for the most part), a select few influencers – including reality […]


All motions and accountability reports pass at latest student council meeting

All three motions and all five sabbatical officer accountability reports voted on at the latest University of Edinburgh student council meeting have passed, as outlined today by the Students’ Association’s summary. The meeting, held on Thursday 21st November, consisted of two parts. During the first half, the five sabbatical officers detailed their work thus far […]