Protestors in Nicolson Square Block Attempted Immigration ‘Raid’

At around 5:30PM on Friday the 6th of May, an Edinburgh resident saw two unlabelled vans with ‘immigration support’ signs in the windscreen pull up alongside the restaurants between Nicolson Square Gardens and George Square, and several Home Office Immigration Enforcement officers jump out.  The person assumed this was an attempt to detain and deport […]

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Top progressive moments so far

With 2020 being one of the most eventful years in living memory, it’s fair to say that it has taken its toll. Whilst the election of a more progressive president in the USA, as well as the prospect of life returning to some degree of normality have provided a glimmer of hope; I’m sure I’m […]


Is it Time to Leave the Party?

We’re in the middle of conference season right now, and following the ever-so-slightly controversial resolutions passed at the Labour and Liberal Democrat gatherings, there is perhaps weight to the idea that party conferences are an outdated concept. There are some who voice concerns that conferences exist as echo chambers, where the party members embody a […]