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Be A Lady They Said: but what does that even mean?

After first reading “Be A Lady They Said” by Camille Rainville, I very quickly realised that each passing stanza simply reiterated a comment, phrase or statement that was all too familiar. The poem has now shot to ‘viral social media fame’ as its frank and exclamative prose are read aloud by Sex and the City […]

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This Week in Hastags: Starbucks advert supporting trans charity wins over audiences

Starbucks have recently released their #WhatsYourName advert, recipient of the Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award. The advert depicts a transgender boy, who appears to be uncomfortable, as he’s repeatedly referred to as Jemma; his deadname. This ordeal continues until a Starbucks employee asks, for his name, prompting the tentative response: “it’s James”. We momentarily […]


Irn Bru Advert: controversy in a can (and a can’t)

Soft Drinks Manufacturer A.G. Barr issued a formal apology last month after a series of complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) regarding its new Irn Bru advert. The advert depicts a man meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. When asked by the girlfriend’s father when he will marry his daughter, the man […]


What’s John Lewis’ real Yuletide motivation?

What marks the start of the festive season for you? Is it the surplus of ridiculous jumpers? Or perhaps the appearance of mince pies on supermarket shelves? Many say that the true indicator that Yuletide is underway is the release of the highly anticipated annual John Lewis Christmas advert. Since 2007, the well known department […]


John Lewis advert is ultimately about profit

The première of the 2015 John Lewis Christmas advert probably had a lot of us reaching for the tissues. The advert shows an old man living on the moon; lonely at Christmas time, who is sent a present by a little girl to show that she cares. John Lewis does a good business in tugging […]