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Ode to the Elderly (Specifically my Grandfather)

My Grandfather was born in 1938, just before World War 2 to two very working-class, Northern English parents. He didn’t even know what a gay man was until he was…

Fringe 2022: Sara Barron: Hard Feelings Review

Tackling head-on experiences of ageing, miscarriage, and the occasional joy in being the bitchy ones, this is a hard-hitting but hilariously honest stand-up show.

The scientific cocktail that could bring us closer to eternal youth

The idea of a single pill or potion that lets you live forever may be limited the realm of science fiction, but thanks to medical research and improvements in quality…

The naked truth about mole-rats

Recent work suggests that naked mole-rats are highly durable, resistant to many diseases, and seemingly live without ageing.   The naked mole-rat has stood out to scientists for some time,…