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National HIV Testing Week: destigmatising AIDS

Our generation is not used to hearing about HIV; the 1980s international AIDS crisis feels like a distant part of history. The virus is still around today although much has changed about its treatment since the ‘80s. According to the National AIDS Trust, as of 2018, almost equal numbers of HIV patients acquired the virus […]

Film Reviews

120 BPM

120 BPM is a film full of life, in all of its glories and despondencies. It follows the progress of the Paris chapter of the HIV/AIDS activist group ACT UP during the 1990s. The protests that the members enact are punchy and lively; they disrupt industry conferences, make impromptu trips to schools, and storm lab […]


Interview: living with HIV, the dangers of stigma, and the mission to eradicate HIV/AIDS by 2030

The Student speaks to HIV/AIDS activists Kennedy Mwendwa, Michael Nugent, Sarah Mary (name changed to protect identity) and James Cole. Youth Stops AIDS is a youth-led movement campaigning to end AIDS through creative action and deliberation. Each year, the organisation hosts a UK-wide speaker tour to increase awareness through sharing the powerful stories of young […]