Dance Fringe

‘Open, telling, and extremely raw’: Sound Cistem review

Electronic music blaring, two people take the stage, moving in slow motion, lit by disco lights in primary colours. They introduce themselves, explaining that they are transgender, before breaking out into almost an hour of dance; the lights and music mimicking that of a nightclub.  Prior to the show, they had interviewed a range of […]

Comedy Fringe

Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing

Dressed in a red jumpsuit, red shoes and on a red carpet, Sofie Hagen comes on stage to to entry music she has reused from last year’s show. It is dramatic in tone, with an offstage voice asking us if we’re ready to hear about emotional trauma.  However, when she comes on stage, Hagen assures […]

Fringe Music Theatre

‘Goosebump-inducing music’: What Girls Are Made Of review

Written by and starring Cora Bissett, What Girls Are Made Of tells the true story of her tumultuous music career from mid-teens to motherhood. An award-winning musical production, it captures the true essence of Scotland and the British music scene in the 90s. Sporting a Pixies rock band tee and big hooped earrings, Bissett takes […]

Fringe Theatre

‘A much-needed conversation’: Burgerz review

Packed with layers of symbolism which stick with you beyond the performance, Burgerz brilliantly strikes the balance between comedy and drama.  Based on the experience of artist Travis Alabanza as a trans and gender non-conforming person, the performance is inspired by a transphobic encounter in 2016 in which a burger was thrown at Alabanza. From […]

Features Lifestyle Wellbeing

Personal experience: a lifestyle writer explores the meaning of success

Success, to me, has always been about a state of mind. If anyone ever asked me what I strived for in life, I would always say happiness, because in my mind, that is the ultimate success. In fact, I would still say that today. However, what I have come to realise more and more over […]

Features Lifestyle

Maximalism vs Minimalism: two Lifestyle writers give their take on the different methods

When it comes to minimalism, Marie Kondo is the queen. Kondo is a Japanese organising consultant and former sociology student and is most notable for her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her ‘spark joy’ criteria for which possessions to keep or to throw away is based on the emotional reaction they elicit and […]

Culture Literature

Art of the Storyteller

I was welcomed, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, to a warm and intimate setting for an evening of storytelling by James Spence and Daniel Serridge. There was little information online about the kinds of stories that would be told, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Spence and Serridge discussed a plethora of different […]