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In Retrospect: Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia

★★★ February 16 marks the tenth anniversary of the debut mixtape from Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra. Ocean, whose real name is Christopher Breaux, released the mixtape promotion-less to his Tumblr…

A blast from the past, The Pogues: the BBC sessions 1984–1986 (Live)

“There’s leechers up in Whitehall,And queers in the GLC,And when we’ve done those bastards in,We’ll storm the BBC!” Thus screeched the infamous Shane McGowan on ‘Transmetropolitan’, the raucous opening to…

The Man Who Sold The World is under a new name, but has the same effect

The iconic line “Oh no, not me/never lost control/you’re face to face with the man who sold the world” is hard to imagine without the circular and sensational guitar riff…