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Live Review: Are alt-J becoming outdated?

SEC Armadillo, Glasgow 21st October 2018 alt-J have yet to prove themselves with the performance of their latest album Reduxer. The well known British indie-rock band started their musical journey when their 2012 debut album An Awesome Wave became a worldwide masterpiece, bringing them the Mercury Prize as well as international fame. Today the band […]

Art Culture

Kevin Harman: Ltd Ink Corporation

Kevin Harman: Ltd Ink Corporation is a solo exhibition created by an ex-Edinburgh College of Art student by the name of, you guessed it, Kevin Harman. Produced by a man whose projects have caused controversy since his student days, this exhibition focuses on challenging institutional power and encourages visitors to reflect on their own situation. […]

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‘3ww’ – alt-J

Fans can certainly forgive alt-J for their year of silence. Their unusual, mesmerising sound and thoughtfully crafted lyrics can only be the product of time immersed in writing, thinking and playing. The new single was worth the wait. After a minute and a half of gentle and steady instrumental build-up, the vocals finally cut through […]


alt-J produce a solid, if self-indulgent, sophomore album

While neither the detractors nor those allergic to their vocal sound will be converted, they have still crafted a compelling album; one that makes up for the loss of immediacy and pop sensibility with a lushness of sound that demands and rewards repeat listening.