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Kelela: Raven Album Review

On Raven, Kelela builds her nest from cascading synthesisers and tight drums.  ‘Washed Away’ immediately submerges us. Slow, repeating melodies against reverbed vocal riffing set a clear, tidal direction for the album. Throughout, this style is revisited to varying degrees of success. On tracks such as ‘Holier’, Kelela’s attempt leaves little lasting impression on the […]


Is the van life for me?

For a long time, there has been a social blueprint ingrained in us that dictates how we should function as a member of society. The idea of getting a corporate 9-5 office job, somehow working your way up the property ladder and eventually going on holiday once a year seems an almost inescapable inevitability for […]

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Amazon Alternatives: where to buy

When I saw my mum ordering six bottles of chilli oil from Amazon, I began to protest with great frustration and, upon reflection, perhaps with a little too much indignation. “Couldn’t we wait to buy it in the shops, and did we really need it?” I cried, as I rattled out the endless list of […]


Walt Disco headline The Mash House

Walt Disco are a band who have succeeded in garnering a near untouchable reputation between the teenaged populations of Edinburgh and Glasgow following their stint supporting the alternative giants that are Sports Team. Their new-wave-come-post-punk sound proceeds them, and expectations were high for their stab at headlining the Mash House. Upon arrival, the crowd was […]

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Alternative theatre done right ‒ Deficit review

“If you don’t like me at my worst… then we have something in common” Theatre Paradok’s production of Deficit, directed by Maddie Flint and a part of this year’s Edinburgh Alternative Theatre Festival, comes at cataclysmic odds with the usually substandard expectations which arise at the mention of devised student theatre.  Upon entering unusual venue […]


An Interview with: Paradok

The alternative, physical theatre society, Paradok, is returning to Edinburgh’s mainstream theatre scene this year with an exciting array of upcoming events. Keen to change perspectives on physical theatre, Maddie Flint, the company President, calls Paradok “a space for theatre not being made anywhere else”. – This statement is backed by their latest production, Bare […]


‘Murdered for Being Different’ is magnificent

Content Warning: Hate crime, violence Certain crimes reveal the stinking prejudice which is still hanging in the air we breathe. The story of 2017 so far, sadly, reflects this. People being killed for what they believe, ran down by vans or stabbed or simply shot. Then there are the brutal retaliations which can follow from […]