Lifestyle Wellbeing

How to make your dingy student flat into a home

Need advice on how to make your stale space into a personalized sanctuary this year? Then look no further—here are five simple, accessible ways to transform your flat into a haven. Plants By decorating your space with plants, you’re inviting nature indoors, particularly when we are so often holed up inside, cramming that last-minute essay […]

Art Culture

Introducing: Victor Nizovtsev

My first encounter with Victor Nizovtsev’s work appeared in the most unlikely of places: a small Main Street art gallery, in downtown Annapolis, Maryland. Why is this strange, you ask? One look at the grandiose yet heartwarming vision that is Nizovtsev’s artistry, and you can’t help but feel wholly overwhelmed by the stark contrast between […]

Fringe Theatre


Welcome to the ladies room, a sacred space where ‘friendships are formed, secrets are shared, and girls poo’. Don’t be fooled, Flushed is so much more than an exploration of lavatory dramatics, it’s a highly evocative and deeply affected production that will change how you see yourself, your loved ones, and the theatre itself. Theatre Unlocked […]

Comedy Fringe

Emily Ferrier: A Broad Abroad

“This is gonna feel a lot like a one-night stand,” begins Emily Ferrier, a perfect phrase to encapsulate Ferrier’s affectionate, yet no-holds-barred perspective on the world. Her Edinburgh Fringe debut, A Broad Abroad, is a highly original and massively impressive showcase of comedic talent from a fresh new female voice, championing the “ex-pat” spirit through […]