I’m not done talking about Amber Heard

Last summer, I would not have dreamed of publishing an article where I stated my support for Amber Heard. Truthfully, I was afraid to admit this even to friends, fearing their responses. I wish I had spoken up then, rather than reticently observing the witch-hunt play out. But now I am no longer afraid, and […]


Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and the role of the audience

Content Warning: Domestic abuse, sexual assault Should viewing begin and end with the events that unfold on screen, or should the public audience take a moral stance on the actions of the actors that portray a story?  The recent libel lawsuit between Johnny Depp and The Sun has brought this difficult question into the spotlight. […]

Film Reviews


Aquaman (Jason Momoa) was already introduced via a cameo in Batman vs. Superman (2016), and with a larger role in Justice League (2017), with this film focusing on his surrounding mythology rather than his individual character. We are informed that Aquaman is the son of a forbidden love between his human father (Temuera Morrison) and Atlantean […]


Can we enjoy the art of problematic celebrities?

Content warning: sexual assault, rape. As you scroll down your Twitter feed, it’s the same nightmarish story over and over again: our heroes are abusers. On hearing the recent allegations against George Takei, many were distraught. As The Guardian reported last week, Takei has been accused of having groped, and attempted to undress, an unconscious […]