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How revolutionary can we really call Harry Styles’ Vogue shoot?

Last week, one such picture of a fabulously ruffled, baby blue Gucci gown ricocheted across Harry Styles’ mammoth fan base. The dress and the Vogue shot formed together an instant classic, reminiscent of J.Lo in Versace, Lady Di’s revenge dress, or Monroe’s Seven Year Itch. But notice something different this time, the dress in the […]


Embracing fluidity – androgynous style icons past and present

Androgynous fashion is no new trend; it has intrinsic roots in LGBTQ+ culture, spearheaded by figures who have stood out as iconic through the ages, for developing the genderless clothing movement and of course, being unashamedly self-expressive. Cultural contexts have varied exponentially between the lives of these style icons from past to present, but they all participated […]