Lily’s story: the silent truth and pain of anorexia nervosa

Content warning: frequent mention of eating disorders/anorexia   Lily is adamant that whilst she never actively sought help from the university in regards to her eating disorder, the university could have, and should have, reached out, for a major aspect of the illness is rejecting help. “I was missing lectures, missing tutorials,” she recalls. “Missing deadlines. […]


Mental illness: as long as there is shame, there is stigma

I must start this article by acknowledging and praising the progress that has been made so far towards destigmatising mental illness. Only a couple of decades ago, even uttering the words ‘mental illness’ would have been enough to shun you from society. The notion of poor mental health was barely conceptualised, and the chances of […]

Fringe Theatre


As Overshadowed opens, the chilling sound of hospital monitors beeping is one that immediately stirs feelings of dread in those who know someone who has suffered from an eating disorder. As Imogene stands centre-stage, staring wide-eyed up to the audience, her fragile state prepares us for the story she is about to tell. Throughout her […]