What’s Victor up to? An interview with the Canadian Street Artist

Victor, Fife-based Canadian street artist, and I meet on Zoom on a rainy Thursday afternoon. While I have stuffed animals in my backdrop, he is in a room of mirrors, filled with dozens that he’s created himself. “I take broken mirrors and turn it into artwork,” he says, showing me around the room. “You can […]

Art Culture Women's

On Motherhood and Art

The representation of motherhood has a long-standing tradition: as Madonna cradles the infant Jesus and matronly figures stare sternly into the mid-distance. However, art history and the art world hold witness to far fewer examples of artists who are mothers themselves. The demands of motherhood have often been considered incompatible with an artist’s career. In […]

Art Fringe Theatre

Albrecht Dürer: Renaissance Dude

Albrecht Dürer deserves as much recognition as his Italian counterparts Michelangelo and Raphael. Or so argues Kitty Walsh, art historian and creator of the show Albrecht Dürer: Renaissance Dude. Walsh spends an hour convincing audiences why the Northern Renaissance artist was so innovative and ahead of his time. In this hour of funny facts and […]