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The Artist: A New Age

Marina Rabin explores how the role of the artist has differed in the twenty-first century. “I have made sure, after my death, I will not become a nail file, or a keyring,” Tracey Emin told the Talk Art podcast in 2020. She was bewailing the perils of commodifying art, referencing the reduction of the psychological […]

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Remember that in the darkest of times they turned to artists

In a world full of destruction, we long to create. As our normal freedoms dwindle, people are growing scared—and yet we find ourselves turning inward, flexing our creative muscles in new ways. Producing and listening to music, directing and watching films, musing upon and doing paintings. It seems that in the darkest times, we turn […]

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Art meets science at Regeneration: A Story Of Becoming

Michelle Marufu reflects on her experience at the Regeneration: A Story of Becoming exhibit. It is rare that one thinks of science as a means of inspiration for art. This is a sweeping and likely untrue generalisation that I have made as a scientist who has never had a reason to think about art in […]