Breaking the glass ceiling: first woman to walk on the Moon

Since the first moon landing in 1969, twelve people have walked on the moon. All twelve have been men. But this is soon to change, thanks to NASA’s new programme Artemis, as a part of which a man and a woman will be sent to the surface of the Moon, the first humans to do […]


Errors in science reporting

Pitiful science reporting is wrong: astronaut Scott Kelly’s DNA is not 7 per cent different from that of his identical twin. Multiple articles asserted this, although it is basically impossible, as humans share around 99.9 per cent of our DNA with each other, 98 per cent with chimpanzees – and even share around 90 per […]

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Twins in space: intergalactic travel could change DNA

Space travel can do funky things to the human body. It’s possible for astronauts to return to Earth slightly taller, with smaller muscles, more fragile bones, and “the worst hangover ever”. When the American astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth, Nasa scientists had a unique opportunity: the ability to look at how space travel influences […]