India Gasps For Air. All I Can Do Is Watch.

I woke up last Thursday morning, and instead of the motivational quotes I usually stumble across on my Instagram stories, I saw black screens that read out “URGENT!” in bold red letters. Two of them were from my kindergarten friends. They were both asking for plasma donations for their family members. My heart dropped. “Is […]


Is it a sin, or is it a sign? The lack of response to the HIV/AIDs crisis

In the wake of National HIV Awareness Week, and the release of Channel 4’s It’s a Sin, what parallels can we form between the HIV/AIDs pandemic of the 1980s and today’s Covid-19 pandemic? It’s a Sin is the first British-specific show that tackles the devastating effects of HIV on young people in the 80s. ‘Lies, […]

Fringe Theatre


Welcome to the ladies room, a sacred space where ‘friendships are formed, secrets are shared, and girls poo’. Don’t be fooled, Flushed is so much more than an exploration of lavatory dramatics, it’s a highly evocative and deeply affected production that will change how you see yourself, your loved ones, and the theatre itself. Theatre Unlocked […]

Comedy Fringe

PGSD: Post Graduate Stress Disorder

When performers shake a bucket in your direction after a show at the Free Fringe, this is normally so they can go towards making a living for themselves as whatever it is they have come to Edinburgh to do. In the case of PGSD: Post Graduate Stress Disorder, however, it goes not to the performers, but […]