BME Features Liberation Officers

The Student meets with two candidates for BME liberation officer

CW: discussion of racism A year of turbulence for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students has brought renewed importance to the role of BME Liberation Officer. The position is more pertinent now than it ever has been. After a series of racist attacks on Edinburgh students earlier this year, both on campus and online, a […]


“The services failed me”: investigation discovers university giving cold shoulder to vulnerable students

CW: suicide, racial violence “The funding and structure of the services failed me.” These are the words of ‘Hannah’, a current second-year student, who, in winter 2019, contacted university support services for help after her mental health significantly deteriorated. She was experiencing severe suicidal ideation as a culmination of previous complex mental health issues, the […]


The library attack should never have happened, how will the university respond?

Content warning: racial abuse and violence. I remember the amount of reluctance I felt whilst applying to university. My high school provided me with a lot of support and guidance which I could rely on to choose how I would want the next three/four years of my life to be lived. However, like any other […]


Universities must act to overcome racial disparities

Research has recently uncovered that BAME students are less likely to continue their higher education studies into a PHD, with only 1.3 per cent of BAME students beginning one within five years of graduation, compared to 2.4 per cent of white students. This is a particularly significant difference, especially as PHD students are our future […]