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Normal people: the Billie Eilish Revolution

Butthurt internet trolls snubbing women’s bodies is nothing new. Last week, Twitter users decided to pick Billie Eilish as their latest target. The outcome? Some very ruffled feminist feathers. It all begun with user Gamesnosh’s tweet: ‘in 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid- 30’s wine mom body’ with an attached photo of Eilish walking along […]


Billie Eilish’s Bond theme checks all the boxes

Four stars Billie Eilish’s meteoric ascent to success continues with the release of ‘No Time To Die’, the Bond theme for the upcoming film of the same name. There are undoubtedly unspoken musical codes and conventions for a James Bond theme, but the track does a good job in blending the elements we’ve come to […]

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Billie Eilish – ‘bury a friend’

Since bursting onto the music scene with ‘Ocean Eyes’ in 2016 at just 14 years old, the supremely talented Billie Eilish has embodied an unnerving and otherworldly energy, seeming much older than her years. Unsurprisingly given the title, her latest single further heightens this, with each element of the song being exquisitely eldritch. Her lyrics […]