She kissed a girl and I liked it: finding representation on screen

I was thirteen when I first had feelings for a girl. The butterflies battering in my chest both confused me and excited me. That first crush was the start of six years of grappling to understand my sexuality until I became fully comfortable with it. There were crushes on boys that made me question if […]


Finding my sexuality in the face of the male gaze

I knew I liked girls as soon as I started thinking about my sexuality. I also knew I had never met a boy I thought was cute, and I knew many girls who were very cute. This therefore led me to the natural conclusion that I was a lesbian and when I got my first […]

Fringe Theatre

The B in the Room

Set in the bedrooms of both characters, Elliot, a teenager from a conservative Christian Background and Dana, a 39 year old, both go on a journey of discovery about themselves. The strongest part of the production is the characterisations of Dana and Elliot, who you get a strong impression of during the 45 minute run. […]