“These Black Girls Need to be in the Shows”

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. It is a saying that has been long perpetuated and one would think that, by now, it would be as ingrained in our understanding the same way as basic math. But whilst the statement certainly rings true, there is a whole other dimension to it. What if […]


Farewell, Stan Lee

This week, the universe lost a superhero. Stan Lee, one of the founding figures of Marvel Comics, died at the age of 95 on 12 November, 2018. The characters that Lee and Jack Kirby created have weaved their way into our world in such a way that there is rarely a superhero movie not in the […]

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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack is fun & feature-filled

3.5/5 stars In an interview, Kendrick Lamar stated he and Top Dawg never actually planned on producing the soundtrack to Black Panther. Nevertheless, Black Panther The Album is a very solid project. Kendrick is on nearly every track, sometimes with a more prominent role, and sometimes carrying only a refrain. The first half features the bulk of […]