University of Edinburgh rejected several times for the Race Equality Charter Award

The Student sat down with Aisha Janki Akinola, one of the founders of the BlackED movement, to learn more about the importance of highlighting racial injustices at the University of Edinburgh. BlackED was originally created to support and uplift the voices of black students at the University of Edinburgh, during a time when Black Lives […]


The University of Edinburgh should not pay reparations for slavery

Earlier this month, The Student was sent an open letter addressed to the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art. We could not fulfil their request to print the letter in its entirety, but it is a document that requires discussion.  The signatories made three demands of the university ‘at a minimum [their patronising […]


Renaming DHT was a necessary antiracist step, but only the first of many

As the University of Edinburgh announced, on Monday 14th September, that David Hume Tower would be renamed 40 George Square (pending a new name), cries of outrage echoed high and low. Newspaper headlines accused the university of bowing to cancel culture, Twitter overflowed with vitriolic complaints, and the consensus seemed to be that the university […]