Menstruation: Let’s talk about it

Judy Grahn, an American poet, wrote: “Menstrual Blood is the only blood that is not traumatically induced. Yet in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken about and almost never seen…”. Menstruation stigma is a form of sexism. With negative taboos surrounding us, society has understood menstruation to be […]

Science Science

New study finds blood vessels passing through ‘solid’ bone

As a species, humans understand a lot about their own physiology. Right down to the microscopic scale, we can describe systems and components that affect our health and wellbeing. And yet, even with all of our knowledge and the amazing rate of current medical advances, we are still unearthing completely novel elements of human anatomy. […]

Comedy Fringe

Alice Marshall: Blood

Alice Marshall is someone who immediately stands out among the crowd. Not only is she incredibly tall, but her posters also display her drenched in blood, her eyes gazing out at you. This bloody intensity was what I was looking for in Alice Marshall: Blood – but while the passion was there, the gore was […]