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Aesthetic trauma: why beauty standards need a makeover

Shiny hair, glowing skin, glossy lips, flawless faces… social media is saturated with them. After all, it’s a place to share our highlight reels, our “best of” moments. But how many times have you scrolled through Instagram or TikTok and found yourself thinking: “wow, they’re way prettier than me”? I’ll be the first to admit […]

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No More Mr. Muscle – The Pressure of Unrealistic Male Bodies

What’s one thing every male identifying superhero has in common? No, not superpowers, it is muscles! In nearly every Hollywood movie it is always the big muscular superhero who is dependable, strong, and saves the day. Perfectly groomed male bodies dominate the ads and movies of Hollywood. But what about ordinary male bodies, the bodies […]


Lady Gaga’s message of liberation is frequently dismissed

Lady Gaga, as an openly bisexual woman who challenges gender norms, has long been an icon for queer communities. The NFL’s choice of Gaga for the Super Bowl halftime show was thus significant, as it is a league which has often had problems with misogyny. It is even more significant now, considering Donald “likes women […]