Environment Science

Blood-sucker or fat feeder? The fascinating biology of a small honeybee parasite with big implications for humanity.

New research by entomologist Samuel Ramsey suggests that for five decades, we may have fundamentally misunderstood one of the greatest threats to honeybees: the Varroa destructor. This menacing name belongs to a species of parasitic mite which lives exclusively in honeybee colonies, attacking both adult bees and their young. The mites have been likened to […]

Film Reviews


‘Flogging a dead horse’ comes to mind when hearing about a Transformers prequel. One of the most bloated and basic franchises of modern cinema surely does not deserve another entry. It’s a miracle and welcome surprise then that not only is Bumblebee watchable, but actually quite delightful. Set in 1987, the film opens with civil war raging on […]