Burlesque and Cabaret Circus Fringe

Fringe 2022: Blunderland Review

Nothing will prepare you for the trip that is Blunderland, an insane mix of circus, burlesque, drag and acrobatics that will transport you out of the mirrored circus tent on the meadows and into a world of unhinged madness for an hour. Blunderland’s host Eric Schmalenberger is the perfect guide throughout the night, emerging out […]

Burlesque and Cabaret Circus Fringe Variety

Fringe 2022: La Clique Review

‘La Clique’ is, in a word, enthralling. Having been to see one or two other circus-type cabaret shows at the Fringe, which were slightly disappointing, my expectations weren’t high upon arrival to the ‘La Clique’ Spiegeltent, and I didn’t expect to leave feeling particularly impressed. However, I was mistaken; born at the Fringe in 2004, […]

Burlesque and Cabaret Fringe

Fringe 2022: Shenanigans Cabaret: Burlesque Edition Review

Shenanigans Cabaret promises to be a “saucy night of delectable debauchery, featuring stunning and scintillating burlesque acts from across the UK”. A neo-burlesque show which features performers of a wide range of shapes and sizes rather than the hourglass silhouettes which tend to grace the stage, Shenanigans could have been a genuinely thoughtful take on […]


The Community and the Capitalist: Corporate Pride and Trying to Keep Protest Alive 

My first pride experience was here in Edinburgh this June. Having recently immersed myself into queer culture I was beyond thrilled to have my first Pride in the place I love the most as an out-and-out queer woman. Walking towards Bristo Square on the 25th, the feeling of community trembled through the streets, each footstep […]

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Interview with Kat Stanley (They/She, @k.stan_art), and Jamie Cushing, (he/him), the creative masterminds behind Fruit Salad Queer Cabaret (@fruitsaladedi ) Your energies are so wonderful together on and off stage! – how did you guys meet? What were your first impressions of each other? JAMIE – We actually met on the Meadows on a bright […]

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Review: We Belong by Bare Productions

⭐⭐⭐⭐ We Belong by Bare Productions is 90 minutes of welcoming, invigorating, and dazzling concert with undeniable highlights, each one met with giddy, cackling applause. Rory McKeon seductively and appropriately opens the show with ‘Willkommen’ from Cabaret. The ensemble mounts the stage as ‘Moulin Rouge’ comes to an end to perform a flawless rendition of […]

Fringe Variety

Full Moon Cabaret

It is the stuff of Fringe myth, the Holy Grail: stumbling, unplanned, on your favourite show of the year. And it being free. For the more adventurous festival-goer, this myth could become reality if they get themselves down to Full Moon Cabaret before the end of its run. Full Moon Cabaret is an import from […]

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‘Wonderfully odd’: Little Death Club review

Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club is a Berlin-inspired experience of glitter and grunge.  It successfully bemuses the audience while welcoming them into Dieter’s weird and wonderful world. The costuming is befitting of the style, with trench coats, spangled clothing and heavy makeup. There is no overarching theme to the show other than the celebration of […]