A Caffeine Fix Deep Dive

As the heat of midterm exam stress begins to come to a boil, I can safely assume that a lot of us tired and routine-devoid students will be running to any source of caffeine as a means to make up for the lack of sleep. Whether it be the comfort of freshly brewed coffee or […]


Barista at home: how science can fuel your caffeine addiction

We are all going to have to become better baristas in our own homes. Changes to Edinburgh lockdown restrictions from the 16th January have dealt another blow to our finest coffee shops. No longer will you be able to pick up your coffee in the shop – now it must be delivered to your home. […]

Science Science

Wake up & smell the anti-inflammation

A new study, published in Nature Medicine, has found that caffeine can block the processes of age-related inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response, important for fighting infection and clearing toxic products from our bodies. However, chronic low-level inflammation is an emerging player in our understanding of ageing, and is thought to be involved in up […]