Is social smoking causing more damage to us than we think?

Does smoking a limited amount really avoid the serious ill effects of smoking cigarettes? Research presented in the Journal of American College Health reports that university students at least think it does. But in reality, not a lot of conclusions have been reached. Here’s the relevant information: The amount of tobacco consumed and the rate […]

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Immunotherapy: the beacon of hope for cancer treatment

Cancer is an illness that has touched practically everybody’s lives in some way. The disease is indiscriminate, affecting friends, relatives, teachers and colleagues. Although mostly associated with more elderly patients, cancers such as melanoma and leukaemia exist in any age group. ‘Cancer’ is a very broad term for a number of different conditions. It is […]


 LGBTQ+ cancer care

Cancer is one of the most difficult things that someone can go through, and discourse about cancer research and treatment is of vital importance when it comes to preventing and treating cancer. However, one aspect of the care received by cancer patients that often goes unconsidered is the impact that being part of the  LGBTQ+ […]

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Undying: A Love Story

Michel Faber writes in his foreword to Undying: A Love Story that before his wife died, he “hadn’t known such need for poetry.” The need to write poetry is similar to, yet distinct, from the need to read it. It is because of this that I am unsure whether or not to recommend this stunning […]

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‘Smoke detector’ test developed to predict the onset of cancer

A blood test has been developed by researchers at Swansea University which could potentially save millions of lives by detecting cancer before the onset of symptoms. Oesophageal cancer was selected for the trial due to its poor survival rates; on average a patient survives just 12 months and only 15 per cent live for five years. […]


3D model furthers understanding of cancerous tumours

The University of Edinburgh, Harvard University, and John Hopkins University have successfully developed a 3D computer model to further understanding of cancerous tumours. The model tracks the mutation process of DNA which leads to cancerous cells breaking away and travelling around the body. The 3D perspective allows scientists to observe and note the role of genetic […]

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Cancer. A word that frighten us to the core. A word that we try our best not to use, despite its unstinting pervasiveness in our lives. When we do use it, we talk of it in terms of battles to be won and struggles to be overcome. We euphemise, and we evade. Rarely do we discuss the realities of cancer, or express our deepest fears. In this touching performance, Cancer Out Loud’s Tissue tackles breast cancer head on, and encourages its audience to do the same.