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The Filmhouse Closure: A Tragic and Frightening Omen

On Thursday Morning, Edinburgh’s iconic cinema The Filmhouse and the immeasurably impactful Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) announced to its staff that it had entered administration. Belmont Filmhouse in Aberdeen has met the same fate, ensuring that over one hundred people have immediately been made redundant. This is a tragic, and desperately avoidable, situation. Worse, […]


The Community and the Capitalist: Corporate Pride and Trying to Keep Protest Alive 

My first pride experience was here in Edinburgh this June. Having recently immersed myself into queer culture I was beyond thrilled to have my first Pride in the place I love the most as an out-and-out queer woman. Walking towards Bristo Square on the 25th, the feeling of community trembled through the streets, each footstep […]

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Review: Billions

Highlighting grey areas in morality can be a struggle for a show – let alone doing it successfully. However, Showtime’s Billions joins the slew of its series that excel in this regard. Bobby Axelrod, played by Damien Lewis, runs the titan hedge fund ‘Axe Capital’ with the sole aim of pursuing the worst aspect of […]

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Review: After Metamorphosis

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ A rumbling soundscape fills the corridor as the audience walks in. On the stage are 3 desks. At two of them, a man (Ali Maloney) and a woman sit staring with deadpan faces, and at the other, a man sits with his back to us (Lewis Sherlock). Immediately, it all feels very Kafkaesque. […]


Let Down For John Lewis

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Pumpkins begin to wither and mould, skeletons are packed away, and children begin preparing their Christmas lists. As the evenings become darker, households across the UK snuggle up to watch their yearly serving of stylised consumer programming. Twitter is awash with debate; articles detail the outrage that […]

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Capitalism vs our bodies

How do you feel about your body? For those of us who identify as women, this usually requires a pretty complicated answer. Everyone has their own story, but most of us grew up feeling we were never quite the right shape or size or shade or weight, or anything. I am privileged enough to mostly […]


The Platform

If you’re looking for some escapism to forget about the fact that you’re stuck in a confined space for months on end (maybe even having to potentially ration your food) The Platform might not be on your watchlist at the moment. In any other circumstances however, The Platform offers an intense, claustrophobic experience with a healthy dose […]


The Positives of Covid-19

2020 has been dominated by the news of the Coronavirus as it has swept the world and released the turmoil of a pandemic upon us. Within the short three months of the new decade the virus has been able to spread through countries and affect thousands. With Italy struggling, Spain facing the same and Britain […]