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Book vs Film: Carrie

Almost every one of Stephen King’s books has been put to film, with some standout hits (Misery, The Shawshank Redemption) and some embarrassing failures (The Dark Tower, Maximum Overdrive). But it all started with Carrie – King’s first major published novel and first film adaptation. It’s disappointing to see, then, that Brian De Palma’s Carrie […]


I Am Not Okay With This

I am okay with I Am Not Okay With This. More than okay, actually. The series taps into that kind of frantic 80s nostalgia that grounds every series of Stranger Things, and shares with it a clear inspiration from the works of Stephen King. Not only does it feel spiritually related to quintessential girl-with-superpowers story […]


Why does the big screen love Stephen King so much?

It began in 1975. Director Brian De Palma read the 26-year-old Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie; he said that it was a “terrific book” and he was “very interested in doing it”. The screenplay was bought by United Artists, and the film released in 1976. Critics loved the film, and it was frequently cited as […]