Art Culture

Visual Artwork of the Week: Hannah Wilke

CW: nudity Starification Object Series plays with the ideas of aesthetics, erotism and feminism. The photographs, in black and white, depict the semi-naked body of Wilke adorned with jewels of vulva-shaped pieces of chewing gum. Her captivation with the nude female form reflects the way that second-wave feminism sought to reclaim images of female genitalia […]


She may be ‘out of her mind’… but aren’t we all?

Strong woman-fronted comedies have never been more popular, due to the immense success of Fleabag, Game Face, This Way Up, Chewing Gum, and many others. However, Sara Pascoe’s take on this fashionable format is more of a psychedelic Ted Talk about human relationships than your classic sit-com.  Do not let that description put you off. […]