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Cult Column: Beau Travail (1999)

Beau Travail, Claire Denis’s tale of French legionnaires stationed in Djibouti, adapted to a degree from Herman Melville’s novel Billy Budd (1924), is a film which negotiates a path between…

Let The Sunshine In

There are moments in filmgoing when you know unmistakably that something is nestling its way into your personal pantheon: this is how I feel about Juliette Binoche’s performance in Let…

Glasgow Film Festival 2018: Mary and the Witch’s Flower, Let the Sunshine In, The Breadwinner, You Me and Him

Mary and The Witches Flower ★★★☆☆ No one loves retirement quite like Hayao Miyazaki. The renowned Japanese animator-director has thrice announced the end of his career, following the releases of…