Five lockdown charity shop alternatives

Lockdown(s) have triggered us all to take conscious steps towards improving our lives. For many, this has taken the form of clutter clear outs and closet purges, making way for a minimalist ‘new you’. Now that the sunny weather is finally making an appearance in Edinburgh, your spring clean senses might be tingling even more. […]

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How revolutionary can we really call Harry Styles’ Vogue shoot?

Last week, one such picture of a fabulously ruffled, baby blue Gucci gown ricocheted across Harry Styles’ mammoth fan base. The dress and the Vogue shot formed together an instant classic, reminiscent of J.Lo in Versace, Lady Di’s revenge dress, or Monroe’s Seven Year Itch. But notice something different this time, the dress in the […]

Fringe Theatre

Bare Threads

In their latest production Bare Threads, Theatre Paradok explore how clothing can act as an emblem of power or passion, of love or loss. With only an eclectic wardrobe and each other at hand, the ensemble of Bare Threads considers the role clothing has in our lives, whilst also recognising the beauty of clothing itself. […]