Slava Polunin’s ‘Alchemy of Snowness’

Suppose venturing into the mind of a clown. Ideas of chaos, the incomprehensible absurd, and a grating silliness, seem to float in the mind’s eye. But how far from this misconception does the Russian performer, Slava Polunin, take his reader with Alchemy of Snowness: a poetic account of the truths, technicalities and theatre of clowning […]


Quit clowning around: Have Pogo and Pennywise destroyed the clown’s charm forever?

The fact that a fear of clowns is sweeping the world in undeniable. They are iconic figures in horror films and television, which has become particularly prevalent over the last year with the killer clown craze of 2016 and the recent remake of Stephen King’s It. My question is, however, what has made a children’s […]