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Bringing Gender Equality To The Dance-floor With MISS WORLD

MISS WORLD is a new monthly club night exclusively featuring the talents of female DJs. However, it also sets its sights higher with its underlying aspirations for social change and commitment to advancing gender equality. We spoke with Katherine, Ailie, and Emily, three of the DJs behind MISS WORLD to learn more about why a […]

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Nightvision Presents: Mr. Scruff @ La Belle Angele

From the birthday card animations to the wavy electro-swing that permeated the streets, it became apparent that Mr Scruff was in town last Saturday.  As part of the NightVision series of electronic sets, La Belle Angèle was proud to host this true legend.  The venue had been building up the anticipation right up until the […]


Bloods and Crips themed club night smacks of white privilege

The refusal by promoter Simon Bays to apologise for, or even acknowledge, the arrogant white privilege masquerading as irony in the ‘Bloods versus Crips’ theme is truly astounding. Bays’ disdainful and unrepentant negation of the offense caused by the proposed club night highlights just how far removed his experiences are from those of individuals tokenised […]