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Dear Agony Aunt: I think I might be losing him

“I have less and less one-on-one time with my boyfriend. We mostly hang out with mutual friends which is great but I can’t help but feel like I am not special to him. We barely have date nights and I don’t want to push him. It feels wrong. I feel so alone in this because […]


The Lifestyle guide to uncomfortable conversations

CW: suicide, racism When was the last time you saw the effects of white privilege first-hand? Or noticed you were being treated in a certain way due to your gender? Acknowledging issues of inequality can be uncomfortable and is often left unaddressed due to stigma. This mentality has been commonplace in past years, but 2020 […]


Colm Harmon’s personal updates to the masses

Last week, students and staff received the awaited (or perhaps dreaded!) second personal update from fast-talking Harmon. The vice-principal, Professor Colm Harmon, has been sending out emails aiming to inform everyone of the Covid-19 situation from a personal perspective, as well as some updates on what has been happening around the university. What is interesting, though, […]


If communication is key during a crisis, then why isn’t the UK doing it better?

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises, increasing numbers of cities across the UK are put under local lockdown and restrictions are once again introduced. But even the most cursory reading of these guidelines demonstrates that they are openly contradictory, and they are indicative of another epidemic that is plaguing the nation: confusion.   As a […]

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Reduce your screen time in the current climate

Who else gets horrified when they see their weekly screen time reports? The Covid-19 outbreak has had drastic consequences, not just on our physical and mental well-being, but also on the time we spend staring at our smartphones. Even the people, who described themselves as “light” phone users before the global pandemic, are now constantly […]


Agency and communication: is there a link?

In an effort to better understand how we communicate with each other, an MIT lead article published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience attempted to define the specific areas of the brain dedicated to storytelling; a “narrative hub” of the mind. MIT researchers used fMRI scans to determine what would happen when participants were introduced […]