The pill: past and present

2021 marks 60 years since the pill was first made available to women in the UK. It is fair to say that the pill has changed our society and women’s place in it, affording us the ability to choose when to start a family, to have control over painful periods, to pursue further education or […]

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The pill and gender equality

There is not so much a taboo surrounding male contraception as a discussion deficit. With almost every woman using some form of contraception at one point in their life, the emergence of an effective male contraceptive should come as no surprise. Yet with (sometimes) unreliable condoms and (almost always) permanent vasectomies as the current alternatives, […]

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You are what you eat – vitamin supplements aren’t the solution

For several decades vitamin supplements have been praised as a miracle cure against anything and everything. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was one of the pioneers to follow his manifested belief that vitamin supplements in high doses would protect the human body against all kinds of illness. This theory, published in 1970, has long since […]