Match of the day: online dating during a pandemic

This article is a part of our series Love in the Time of Corona. If you have any interesting or scandalous love, relationship, or sex stories of your own during the pandemic, reach out to us! We’d love to hear all about it… In a world where you see the cashiers at your local Sainsbury’s […]


The Johnson Rule: Not going well is it?

Let’s cast our minds back a year, if that’s at all possible.  The country was waking up to Boris Johnson as Prime Minister; having just missed the latest Brexit deadline, Remainers were as hopeful as ever; ‘corona’ was just an exotic beer you drunk with lime; and most of all, though no one knew it, […]

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Corona cuffing: pressing fast-forward on the dating scene

For those who are oblivious to this new term, ‘corona cuffing’, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It simply refers to the more prevalent fast-forward attitude in the dating scene since lockdown started. Whilst people in already established relationships are dealing with increased pressure, working from home, perhaps juggling home-schooling their children on top of this, […]

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Sharma’s self-isolation shows how outdated our parliament is

In a shock turn of events that surprised… well, they surprised absolutely no one: an MP, a cabinet minster no less, has had to go into isolation and get tested for coronavirus the day after MPs voted to abolish the hybrid parliament. Whilst I didn’t expect to be proved right quite so quickly, this does […]

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Heimweh and Hamsterkäufe: Stranded on Purpose

Lockdown day (?) in Leipzig; a self-isolation shopping list: Things in jars (misc.), soup, yoghurt, cereal, veggies (whatever is left), some kind of non-dairy milk product…whisky? That’s expensive; I’m an Erasmus student soon to reach the end of my Erasmus grant. Goldbrand it is. It’s the same colour as whisky, is only three euros, but […]