Frustrated students anticipate new details on their year abroad

As the end of term approaches in Edinburgh, most students are harassing letting agents in search of the perfect flat for next year; their biggest worry is if pubs will be open when they return. For many 2nd years, however, there is an even bigger question mark hanging over the next year; where in the […]


Problems the pandemic only exacerbated

CW: racism, discrimination, hate crime In a year where we’ve been glued to our screens more than ever before, reports of social injustices appear almost unprecedented. However, racism, discrimination and mental health aren’t new phenomena…far from it in fact. So why do they now appear to be at the forefront of our discussions, social media […]


International Women’s Day moved online as expected

Monday 8 March marks International Women’s Day, with this year’s theme being ‘Choose to Challenge’. The day has existed across the world in some form for over a hundred years, with every year since 1996 having a different theme. Its main aims, according to the official website, are “to celebrate achievements; raise awareness about women’s […]