India Gasps For Air. All I Can Do Is Watch.

I woke up last Thursday morning, and instead of the motivational quotes I usually stumble across on my Instagram stories, I saw black screens that read out “URGENT!” in bold red letters. Two of them were from my kindergarten friends. They were both asking for plasma donations for their family members. My heart dropped. “Is […]


One World: Together At Home

One World: Together at Home not only lightened spirits in these troublesome times, but also gave the public a rare insight into the homes of beloved stars. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, musicians everywhere have been trying to keep us entertained with livestreams and online concerts, yet Lady Gaga et al.’s collaborative effort to raise […]


A message from an editor in quarantine

Given that every editorial I’ve written thus far has been fired-up and direct, some might expect that my coronavirus editorial would be instructive or angry — something about how people should be taking this more seriously, how governments around the world are failing to respond adequately, or a bleak outlook on how life will never […]