How to Stay Safe During Spooky Season, From a Nightclub Bartender

Leaves are falling, days are shorter, and the sweet smell of PSLs waft through the library. This can can only mean one thing: spooky season is upon us! It’s always an exciting time of year (especially for all of you freshers out there), but navigating the Edinburgh party scene safely can be difficult for the […]


Clubs are back, but are they worth it?

Since the hallowed day of January 24th – branded again as “Freedom Day”- clubs have re-opened and the news was followed by great fervour. But many on that specific night didn’t have quite the experience they were hoping for. Instead of the euphoria of dancing and being among people again, it seems many dealt with […]


Places of Worship: The Freshers’ guide to music venues in Edinburgh

Welcome, fellow students, to the city of Edinburgh. Home to the famous Fringe Festival, your new home is proudly one of the most vibrant and long-established cultural epicentres in the UK, and as a student in this city, the world is truly your oyster. However, walking through the iconic greyscale cobblestone streets you may not […]

Comedy Fringe

Steen Raskopoulos: Stay

Award-winning comedian Steen Raskopoulos’ return to the Fringe is nothing but triumphant. Born in Australia to a Greek Orthodox family, Raskopoulos draws influences from popular culture, his upbringing, and his experiences in adulthood to create a show which doesn’t fit neatly into any single category. His newest show, Stay, is a mixture of improvisation, scripted […]

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Cowgate chronicles: tackling the city’s nightlife

On any given evening in Edinburgh it is as though an entire city of Gremlins has been fed after midnight; it is a beautiful disaster. In order to fathom the anomaly of the city’s night time escapades I felt it was best to gain a unique insight by venturing into the darkest depths of drunken turmoil with only a bottle of still water for defence.