Environment Science

Olm Salamanders discovered with use of environmental DNA

A type of Balkan Salamander called olms are endangered by pollutants, and endeared by Croatian locals who refer to them as ‘baby dragons’. However, it is hard to protect and conserve what you cannot see. That was, until now. The olms have been previously found in only 10 caves, in rare instances where they have […]


Summer Festival Flashback: Electric Elephant Festival, Croatia

Summer is a lifestyle in Croatia, and the Electric Elephant Festival, set at the Garden Tisno resort on the rocky coastline of the Adriatic in early July, is the perfect excuse to soak it in. This is the backdrop for an immersive natural experience of what is probably one of the best summer destinations in […]


Croatia’s debt-cancelling policy is admirable

The news that Croatia will cancel the debts of up to 60,000 of its poorest citizens will be welcomed in many quarters, either as an example of progressive economic thinking designed to facilitate future growth, or as a potentially life-changing reprieve for people who perhaps have fallen on hard times through no fault of their […]