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The End of The World Show — Review

Venue: The Beehive Inn, The Lounge Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Squeezed into the small upstairs bar of The Beehive Inn, The End of the World comedy show takes a satirical look at the current state of the country, before attempting to reimagine the post-apocalyptic world through the daft, but sometimes serious, suggestions of two Scottish comedians. Host […]

Health Science

Lying by omission: how graphs can shape Covid coverage

Badly presented statistics cost lives. The stakes have never been higher: over the past year, the careless misrepresentation of data has brewed uncertainty, conspiracy, and the deaths of loved ones. And so, in our quest to gain true insight into the state of the pandemic, we must be prepared to battle this statistical ineptitude, along […]


In conversation with the Crumble magazine’s editor-in-chief

“Illustrators often see it more as an object, as an art piece.” Felix Wilson is at home in Aberdeenshire, donning his signature glasses and a white T-shirt. He’s talking about Crumble Magazine, which he represents as editor-in-chief. Of the many things that makes Crumble unique, it is its appearance that stands out the most when […]


Staying in the loop – innovative ways to keep up with the world

It took a global pandemic to solidify my love for podcasts, but truly, I am now hooked. After watching BBC News notifications greet me every morning with more distressing news, I have finally grown too tired and too anxious of waiting for those horizontal squares of information. I am ready to embark on a journey […]