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Movies about Movies: Why Can’t They Save Cinema?

Movies and cinema are terms that are often conflated. In reality, however, they are truly different. A movie is a series of static images shown at a specific frequency, creating the illusion of movement. It may tell a story, reveal a character, or perhaps portray a conflict. Cinema, on the other hand, is a communal […]

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Review: Babylon

Say hello to one of 2022’s most polarising films – it’s not difficult to see why, with its lengthy runtime, belligerent vulgarity, and understandably divisive ending. It’s a big swing; most of Babylon is. Your mileage may vary, depending on how those swings land. For me, the hits are enough to make up for the […]

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First Man

First Man tells of the moon landing as experienced by Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling). Coming in at a staggering two hours and 20 minutes, the movie marks the second collaboration between Gosling and Chazelle, who team up once again with composer Justin Hurwitz, who also worked on La La Land (2016) and Whiplash (2014). […]


A glorious feeling: musicals on screen

La La Land is where Damien Chazelle and his team are right now after breaking the record for the most Golden Globes ever won, and equalling the record for the most Oscar nominations. It’s been called one of the most original and inventive films in a long time, despite its deep association with, and adoration […]