Toto, we’re not in Sussex anymore

I’m an English student. A statement I tend to follow with “sorry” or “yep, another soft Southerner” in a bid to try and make native students know that I get it. I’m a bit annoying. I say GlaRsgow. I thought Tennents rented a flat. And I have crumpets in the freezer, ready to be toasted […]

Features My last night out...

My last night out…

For the majority of my teenage years, a typical night out with my friends from school would include mindless dancing, terribly loud singing, laughing and a mind-numbing amount of alcohol. These factors have always led to everyone having a blast and laughing about it in the morning, envisioning ourselves as something out of Sex and […]


How TikTok is influencing us all to try new things

Oh, TikTok. Where to start? I was originally one of the TikTok abstainers. Having spent a week on it in lockdown 1.0, I decided it wasn’t for me. I didn’t see the hype and all I got out of it was a 25% increase in my screen time after only a few short days. However, […]


May must turn to reality TV to make up for latest faux-pas

This week, the word cringe developed a whole other meaning for this country. The sight of seeing our mighty Prime Minister Theresa May, in whose hands Britain’s dark post-Brexit future has been entrusted, jig across the stage to the sound of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ was, quite honestly, painful. Such was the jarring movement and lack of rhythm […]


Jonnie Peacock’s turn on ‘Strictly’ brings disabled issues to the fore

Watching Jonnie Peacock foxtrot, quickstep and paso-doble his way across the Strictly ballroom, you wouldn’t guess that the lower part of his right leg is a prosthesis. So, as the first amputee ever to appear on the BBC series steps out onto the dance floor and back into the media spotlight, it’s time to look […]