The History of Debt

BBC Radio 4’s latest series Promises, Promises: A History of Debt is an interesting, although not entirely grabbing concept for an in-depth analysis of what most people cope with at some point in their lives. The first episode offers a unique look at a topic that initially seems incredibly dry, adding a much more human […]


Parma’s plight a lesson for modern football and its excess

Time is running out for Parma. The Serie A side are rumoured to be on the brink of extinction after racking up debts of nearly €200m under former owner Tommaso Ghirardi, and it’s their current predicament which speaks volumes about the worrying trend being set within football. While Rangers’ liquidation and subsequent demotion have been […]


Croatia’s debt-cancelling policy is admirable

The news that Croatia will cancel the debts of up to 60,000 of its poorest citizens will be welcomed in many quarters, either as an example of progressive economic thinking designed to facilitate future growth, or as a potentially life-changing reprieve for people who perhaps have fallen on hard times through no fault of their […]


Think tank report criticises English student loan system

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has criticised the funding system of English universities for “representing the worst of both worlds.” The report, released on Tuesday, came just before the largest a student demonstration in London since 2010, which occupied Parliament Square and demanded UK-wide free higher education. The report accused the coalition government of putting […]