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Modernising the gothic novel: Sarah Penner’s The Lost Apothecary

CW: miscarriage, suicide “To me, the allure of history lay in the minutiae of life long ago, the untold secrets of ordinary people“ In a London alleyway in 1790, behind a false wall, there is an apothecary shop. It doesn’t sell cold cures or compresses, but instead something far more deadly. The woman who runs […]

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Ipman – Depatterning

Ipman’s debut album sees a blending of techno, bass-breaks, jungle and dubstep sounds come together into a powerful and discordant dance album. Beginning with the thunderous ‘Regicide’, the album launches into bass-driven rolling junglist drums. Sampled vocals on rave and soundsystem culture echo through the track and the result is thunderous. An ode to jungle […]