Agony Aunt

 Dear Agony Aunt: I’m starting to resent my best friends

 Hi agony aunt, I am a fourth year currently struggling with my diss. I have to get special circumstances and the whole process feels stressful. I feel like everyone around me especially my female friends are doing better than me with their dissertations. I have not even started planning for the future because I can’t […]


University lecturer accused of biased marking

Correction: This article has been edited to remove the claim that Professor Thin marked down dissertations as after further investigation, there was insufficient evidence backing these claims. Recent posts on Edifess, an anonymous confessions page on Facebook, pointed to various controversial statements made by a University of Edinburgh social anthropology senior lecturer, Neil Thin, on […]


Ask Augusta – faithful solutions to all your dissertation woes

As dissertation deadlines begin to loom over fourth years this week, Augusta helps six lucky students with their most pressing problems: Help! I handed in my dissertation a week early and now none of my friends want to speak to me. They keep telling me that I just don’t understand what they’re going through, but […]