Stand Up To Racism holds panel discussion to speak out against racial discrimination

Stand up to Racism, a group on campus which proclaims to stand in solidarity against acts of racial discrimination, held a public meeting in central campus to promote racial equality on Thursday, 17 November. The evening, hosted by the University of Edinburgh, saw speakers present their stances on the issue, urging action against all racist […]


World leaders should not turn a blind eye to Trump’s campaign

Donald Trump’s election as President has prompted a variety of reactions as mass protests across the US to shock from the President-elect himself. Naturally, a political event of this magnitude is going to both delight and depress, depending on your own view of the world. The world’s leaders are no exception to this and many […]

Environment Science

Donald John Trump: president-elect and a complete disaster for environmental policy?

Put bluntly, Trump appears to be a threat to the environment. In May 2016, he took the stage in North Dakota, accompanied by some outdated pop tune, to talk about his environmental policy. Trump vowed to undo a series of moves made by President Obama to protect the environment. His “100-day action plan” includes revoking […]