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The Short Rant: Cheap Pints Now!

This article was originally published in print on the 23rd March Teviot. We’re all bitterly familiar with the gothic frame that plays host to our student union. But I’m certainly not alone in saying it’s never been my first choice for a drink. Edinburgh is hardly renowned for cheap pints but Teviot is taking the […]


Dry January: speculations of an accidentally sober student

The words “sober” and “student” aren’t often strung together in the same sentence – and that’s mostly down to the fact that drinking is seen as a quintessential part of the student experience (at least in Britain, where the legal drinking age is 18). Shots, pints, cocktails, glasses of wine… most students have a “go-to” […]


Sober halls are not the answer to combat unhealthy drinking habits

A study by UCL has found that more than one in five of students are teetotal. The NUS has suggested that increasing student debt, alongside the high cost of drinking itself, has in part been responsible for this trend. Certainly universities should seek to ensure that social life on campus is accessible for this demographic. […]